Camp Fire's Before and After School Child Care Programs are located in Des Moines- WOHELO After Care (5615 Hickman Road), Des Moines- Sparks After School Club @ Merrill Middle School, Colfax -Tigerhawk Before and After (Colfax-Mingo Elementary), Pleasantville Trojan Before and After School (Pleasantville Elementary) and Prairie City- Mustang Trailblazer Before and After (Prairie City Elementary). Our child care professionals at each location provide age specific activities balanced throughout the day or week including:


Before & After School Child Care

Des Moines, Pleasantville, Prairie City, & Colfax-Mingo

Camp Fire He​art of Iowa

Free Choice. The child chooses from several activity options, some relatively unstructured and some that are staff-directed learning centers.

Small and individual Groups. The activities available can be done either in small groups or alone. They may be initiated by the adults with the expectation that all children will work on the activity or they may be initiated by the children themselves.

Large group. Activities designed for large group participation usually under the leadership of a staff member.

Indoors and outdoors. As much as possible, and depending on the weather, we strive to balance indoor and outdoor activities.

Snack. A nutritious snack, planned to meet a child’s nutritional requirement, is served each day.    

For questions or to register for our Before or After School Programs, Contact the Director on Site or Email:

Des Moines WOHELO -; (515) 274-1501

Des Moines Sparks After School Club-; (515) 274-1501

Colfax-; (515) 274-1501


Prairie City-