Camp Fire He​art of Iowa

Program Dates and themes

Grades K-5

March 11: Dino-Might Adventures

March 14: Inside Out

March 15: The Force Awakens

March 16: Hunger Games Academy

March 17: Shell SHOCKED!

March 18: Superhero Showdown

March 25: Exploration Space

Grades 5-9

March 11: Break Breakout

March 14:  Fear Factor

March 15:  Greek Greatness

March 16:  Treasure Hunters

March 17: Creation Station

March 18:  MACH 1 (Mini Adventure Challenges)

March 25: Exploration Space

2016 Hantesa Day Camp Program Schedule
Fee: $35/day
Cost: $35/day
Grades: K-5; 5-9
Drop Sites and Drop Off Times:

Camp Canwita (Ames): 7:00-8:30AM

McHose Park (Boone): 7:00-8:30AM

Camp Fire Service Center (Des Moines): 7:00-8:00AM

Pioneer Community Center (Des Moines): 7:00-7:30AM

Pick Up Times (ALL SITES): 4:30-6:00PM

*Holiday pick-up time is 4:00-5:00PM

The packing list and health form can be accessed on our forms page. A health form must be completed since May 2015 or submitted before the day of your event.
Join us for Hantesa Day Camp throughout the fall.  Drop your camper off at one of our convenient drop locations and let them experience a day of excitement and learning at Camp Hantesa! Under the supervision of our trained staff, campers make new friends and interact with old ones through engaging programming. 
Each day includes transportation from one of our drop sites, a hot lunch, along with a morning and afternoon snack. 

Hantesa Day Camp (School Day Off)