Camp Fire He​art of Iowa

Camp Fire Wise Kids Programs
Camp Fire Wise Kids is a science-based curriculum for children ages 6-11 that delivers wellness messaging and practical, hands-on activities that get kids moving and learning about healthier living.  The goal is to inspire youth to begin a lifelong journey of making wise nutrition and activity choices.
There are three programs available:
  • Wise Kids: Introduces Energy Balance and how it works through lessons about MyPlate, food labels, the importance of activity, and how nutrition and exercise benefit the body.
  • Wise Kids Two: The follow-up to Wise Kids reinforces Energy Balance with more in-depth explorations of nutrition and activity concepts such as vitamins, water, and bones.
  • Wise Kids Outdoors: A stand-alone program which explains the Energy Balance concept while encouraging children to explore the outdoors and to understand the way nature and the earth live in balance, just like humans.

For more information, check out the Wise Kids Program page on our National website.

National Youth Advisory Cabinet

The National Youth Advisory Cabinet is a group of youth chosen to advise the National Headquarters on how to communicate with youth and teens. They represent Camp Fire nationally and locally and build a strong relationship with the community by volunteering and being a role model in their schools or groups.

For more information, check out the Youth Advisory Cabinet portion of the National website!

Camp Fire Heart of Iowa is a chartered member of the national Camp Fire Coalition. Camp Fire National is housed in Kansas City, MO and provides curriculum and brand-management services for the Camp Fire movement. Each of the affiliated national councils functions as an autonomous entity, assessing and addressing the needs of their distinct community. You can find more information about some of the National initiatives you might see within the work we do in our council.

Feel free to explore the Camp Fire National website more at


Camp Fire is honored to be the first national youth development organization in the United States to implement the methodology for thriving developed by the Thrive Foundation for Youth (  The foundation is a true leader in researching and advocating methods that tap into young people's aspirations and help them achieve their full potential.

For more information, check out the Thrive Foundation's website!