Camp Fire He​art of Iowa

All outpost campers will learn how to properly pack for an outpost camping trip. Learning how to plan meals, weather proof packing gear, sleep in tents, and cook all of your meals over a fire are just a few of the skills you will learn on an exciting outpost excursion! 

June 25 - June 17 - Outdoor Living Skills Academy (OLSA) -  Rock Climbing in Minnesota
9th - 12th Grades
OLSA is an intensive two-week program where participants will live, sleep, and eat in the outdoors! During the first week, campers will learn from our staff all they need to know for outdoor living through lessons geared to enhance leadership and outdoor living skills. During the second week, campers will take a week-long trip to Minnesota to learn the basics of rock climbing, and practice all of their new camping skills in the field! 

June 25 - July 1 - Backpacking Outpost at Shawnee National Forest 

7th - 12th Grades


Combine your love of the outdoors, hiking, and camping this week as we travel to Shawnee National Forest and spend a week hiking and camping out on the trail experiencing the area’s unique geography and wildlife.

July 30 - August 5 - Equestrian Outpost

7th - 12th Grades


If you love horses and camping, then this is a trip you won't want to miss! Spend a week trail riding and camping at Bushy Creek Recreation Area with our amazing staff!

August 6 - August 12 - Canoe Outpost Trip in Minnesota

7th - 12th Grades


Immerse yourself in the outdoors this week as we glide across the still lakes of Minnesota! Spend a week traveling and camping with our staff all while learning about canoeing and outdoor living!

Outpost Trips

*Grades Vary