Camp Fire He​art of Iowa

Who says you can only enjoy the fun of camp during the summer time?  Our overnights offer a night off for the parents and the kids K-8th grade year round.  Take a break from school and other obligations for an exciting program with old friends, or new, at Camp Hantesa!

2015-2016 Overnight Programs

Outrageous Overnight (Winter)

Join us for another exciting ski trip this winter at Seven Oaks in Boone! Don't know how to ski? No problem! This will be a great time to gain a new skill and learn to ski, tube or snowboard! Price includes lunch, dinner, breakfast & rentals; may bring additional money to spend at concessions.

Cost: $75

Drop off: February 13th, 2:00pm

Pick Up: February 14th, Times vary by site

Boone- 10:15am; Ames- 10:30am; Des Moines- 11:00am

Drop Sites: Camp Canwita (Ames), Camp Fire Service Center (Des Moines), Camp Hantesa (Boone)

Winter Overnight Camp

Come spend a week packed frull of activities at Camp Hantesa! Anything might happen from midnight sledding, swimming, glow-in-the-dark dance parties, and hikes. Staying in heated cabins with fantastic counselors, you will make new friends while experiencing Hantesa at its winter best!

Cost: $185

Drop off: December 29, 7:00-8:00am

Pick up: January 1; Boone - 10:15AM, Ames - 10:30AM, DSM - 11:00AM

Drop Site: Camp Canwita (Ames), Camp Fire Service Center (Des Moines), Camp Hantesa (Boone)

Overnight Programs