Camp Fire He​art of Iowa

"Traditional Camp" refers to your quintessential Hantesa Overnight Camp. For 1st-12th graders, this camp is a full seven-day, six-night overnight camp. Campers will participate in a new and fun activity every day, and with activities being designed in a progression, they'll be able to expand their knowledge or every activity they participate in. As a Hantesa camper you could do archery, rock climb, camp under the stars, cook over a fire, and do many more exciting activities! 

 June 25 - July 1 - Wet & Wild

Join us this week as we embrace water and all of the activities that come with it, including water balloons, slip-and-slides, swimming, canoeing, and much more!

July 9 - July 15 - Summer Camp Mash-Up

Search & rescue, astronomy in canoes, musical theater, nature art, and much more! This week we mash-up all of our favorite Hantesa crafts for a week of new, once in a lifetime experiences and activities!

July 16 - July 22 - Summer Camp Cup

This week we pit cabin against cabin as our two all-camp teams compete for the Hantesa Summer Camp Cup! Compete in all camp games, cleanest cabin, cook-offs, arts and crafts, and more, all for glory, points, and prizes!

July 23 - July 29 - WoHa Week

We welcome you to Hantesa, we’re might glad you’re here! WoHa week features long-time Hantesa traditions, some dating back to our founding in 1919. Learn camp stories, sing traditional camp songs, and participate in all of the things that make Hantesa special! Come learn about our traditions and make memories (and new traditions) of your own!”

Optional Overtnight $70/Camper  July 15, July 22

If you're lucky enough to be joining us for multiple weeks in a row, you can select an optional Saturday to Sunday overnight in your registration. Campers utilizing the overnight will stay on site with qualified staff members and continue the camp fun until sign-in on Sunday.

Traditional Camp

1st-12th Grades     $480/Camper

June 25-July 1, July 9-15, July 16-22, July 23-29