Camp Fire Receives New 2022 Sponsors

August 3, 2022

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

(Des Moines, Iowa) – Camp Fire Heart of Iowa has received three new sponsors from the central Iowa community to fund their enriching youth programs across central Iowa, as well as provide scholarships for lower-income Iowa youth and families to attend camp.


Camp Fire is an inclusive youth development, nonprofit organization founded with the intention of connecting kids with nature and helping them develop the skills needed for a happy, healthy life now and into the future. We offer a variety of youth and family programs including Service Learning, Before- and After-school Programs, Day and Overnight Camps, and Teen Leadership Development all serving – collectively serving more than 3,000 central Iowa youth every year.


We take pride in our long-standing commitment to inclusivity and diversity, no matter the ability, background, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, non-religion, or any other category people use to define themselves or others. We were the first multiracial, multicultural, and non-sectarian organization for girls in America when we began in 1910. Today, we strive to continue in that spirit and welcome everyone to Camp Fire.


Sponsorship support will benefit Camp Fire’s enriching programs across central Iowa and scholarships for lower-income Iowa youth and families.


“We so appreciate the support from For Sure Roofing & Sheet Metal, Green State Credit Union, and Moffitt’s Ford Lincoln.  These sponsorships will allow Camp Fire Heart of Iowa to provide the gift of camp to more youth across central Iowa. An opportunity to access and experience the impact camp can have on a young person’s life – an opportunity that without a scholarship would not have been possible.  Thank You!” – Kelly Peterson, Executive Director


About These Sponsors – For Sure Roofing & Sheet Metal (Bronze), Green State Credit Union (Silver), and Moffitt’s Ford Lincoln (Bronze)



If you are interested in being a Camp Fire Heart of Iowa sponsor, please contact Anna Schaber, Marketing and Communications Director, at anna@campfireiowa.org.


Anna Schaber

Camp Fire Heart of Iowa