Camp Fire Clubs are a great way to stay involved with your favorite camp friends throughout the school year! Clubs are open to youth ages 4 to 17 and provide a progression of curricula for youth as they grow. Club programs teach youth valuable life skills as well as camping and outdoor skills through various activities, service projects, and fundraisers. As our youth progress from Starflight (K-3) to Horizon (High School), they grow to make their own program choices and develop their own service projects.

Club members participate in a variety of fun activities throughout the year including two major fundraisers, Camp Fire Annual Fun Run and Camp Fire Annual Candy Sale. Both of which are available for youth to earn money to go to summer camp and to also help provide program supplies for our council. Club youth will also have opportunities to cook a meal outside, sleep in tents/cabins, learn to build fires, go orienteering, identify trees and animals, and have exciting parties! Join a club any time throughout the year as a member or a leader! Costs vary from club to club. Base membership fees for the year start at $10, individual clubs decide on the cost necessary to pay for materials and activities. ​

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