2023 Camper & Staff Cell Phone Policy

May 30, 2023

Cell Phone Policy

 Camp Fire Heart of Iowa acknowledges that cell phones are an essential part of everyday communication and information.  However, in the program setting, they are a distraction and, in some cases, a dangerous distraction. Camp Fire Heart of Iowa has adopted the following cell phone policy for both participants and staff.


We ask that cell phones are not brought to our programs.  This eliminates the chance of the phone being a distraction, lost, stolen, or damaged. If the circumstance arises that we need to communicate with a participant’s family, we can do so using camp phones.  Camp Fire assumes no responsibility for phones brought to camp.   

The only exception to this rule is for participants who use their phone for documented medical purposes (i.e., blood sugar readings) and those who participate in the overnight Apprentice Program who stay for multiple weeks, often drive themselves to camp, and check out between sessions.  Participants of the Apprentice Program that bring their cell phones to camp must turn them in at check-in, check them out if they leave between sessions, and check them back in upon their return.

If a participant is seen using/having their cell phone during program time:

  • First Occurrence
    • Day Programs:  The participant will be asked to put their cell phone away in their backpack or pocket, and the family will be reminded of the cell phone policy at the end of the day.
    • Overnight Programs:  The participant will be asked to turn in their cell phone, and it will be locked away until the end of the session and returned upon check-out.
  • Second Occurrence
    • Day Programs:  They will be asked to put their cell phone away and will be removed from program activities for 20 minutes.   Parents will be contacted.
    • Overnight:  Cell phone will be confiscated and returned at the end of the session.
  • Third Occurrence
    • Participants will be sent home for the day.  If the occurrence happens after 2:00 PM, the participant will be prohibited from attending the program the following day.