Carolina Ortiz-Gonzales

Camp Director | Camp Hantesa

Carolina, originally from California, brings a wealth of youth development experience to her Camp Director role at Camp Hantesa. Her journey in camp leadership began at the YMCA of Greater New York Camp, where she honed her skills in program development and staff management. Carolina also brings experience from Camp Marston, San Diego’s oldest and best-known overnight camp, operating year-round on over two hundred acres of mountain land.

Outside of camp, Carolina enjoys exploring the outdoors, embracing new adventures, and connecting with her community. Her dedication to youth empowerment and inspiration makes her a valuable asset to the Camp Hantesa family, where she continues to positively impact future generations with passion and purpose.

In her role as Camp Director, Carolina prioritizes creating memorable experiences for campers by overseeing day-to-day operations with enthusiasm and a hands-on approach. Her strong leadership and organizational skills ensure every camper’s journey is filled with adventure, growth, and lasting memories.