Camp Fire He​art of Iowa

Camp Fire includes youth of all races, religions, socioeconomic status, disability, or sexual orientation.  Camp Fire's coeducational programs help both girls and boys cultivate their unique talents and skills.  More importantly, Camp Fire offers all families, whatever a family may look like in today's society, life-enhancing experiences and the opportunity to serve, plan, and grow together. We believe that the best youth development takes place in small group environments where youth have an opportunity to interact with adult and other youth in a safe, fun environment that allows them to develop personal skills and ongoing relationships with others in the group.

Camp Fire programs are open to all youth pre-K to 12th grade providing a wide variety of ground breaking activities inside and out. Whether at Summer Camp or during our School Year programs, youth will engage in STEM enriched activities opening their minds through experiential education and the great outdoors. 

Camp Fire Programs